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The Souvenir®brand tells modern stories with a fresh and imaginative twist. Designed to fit your unique style, Souvenir® writing instruments are the perfect choice to record special moments, memories, and ideas. Use the power of Souvenir® quality to effortlessly showcase your distinctive brand. It’s your personality on paper, it’s your story®.

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Picture of Souvenir® Viking Pen

Souvenir® Viking Pen

Item# 55994
As low as $0.432

55995 group image

Souvenir® Halo Pen

Item# 55995
As low as $0.498

Picture of Souvenir® Merlin Light-Up Pen

Souvenir® Merlin Light-Up Pen

Item# 55996
As low as $1.362


Souvenir® Blitzen Pen

Item# 56018
As low as $0.432

56015 group image

Souvenir® Hew Pen

Item# 56015
As low as $0.414


Souvenir® Isle Pen

Item# 56016
As low as $0.414

56017 group product image

Souvenir® Truss Pen

Item# 56017
As low as $0.462

56026 group product image

Souvenir® Jalan Highlighter Pen Combo

Item# 56026
As low as $0.618

56031 group product image

Souvenir® Vertex Pen

Item# 56031
As low as $0.438

56032 group product image

Souvenir® Rayley Pen

Item# 56032
As low as $0.342

56033 group product image

Souvenir® PrevaGuard™ Story Pen

Item# 56033
As low as $0.438

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