Koozie Group Brand Standards



Koozie Group is one of the largest suppliers in the promotional products industry, offering the most comprehensive product assortment with the widest variety of decoration methods. In addition to its well-known brands, such as BIC®, KOOZIE®, Kapston®, Triumph® and JAFFA®, it also partners with prestigious retail brands such as Hanes®, Silipint™, myCharge®, Cool Gear®, HoMedics®, Cocoon®, Leatherman® and several golf brands.

Only licensed distributors (and other approved licensees) (“Licensees”) may use the brand names associated with our products, and all Licensees must follow these Brand Guidelines in using the brand names and logos to help us maintain the integrity of the brands used to promote our products.

Basic Brand and Image Guidelines General Overview

  • By using the brand names and logos (the “Brands”), you acknowledge our intellectual property rights in them.
  • You are only authorized to use the images (“Images”) given to you by your representative or made available to you on the Koozie Group website.
  • In January of each year you should revisit the Images made available to you to obtain current versions (Images often change and rights to use some Images will expire).
  • Images may not be incorporated into domain names, URLs, email addresses or telephone numbers.
  • You must not modify any Image (except size modification of product shots) by changing its color, shape, size, use of ® and ™ symbol or otherwise.
  • Never use a Brand as a noun.
  • Only use a Brand for a product that Koozie Group uses for that product.
  • Only use Brands for products purchased from Koozie Group and shown next to the product shot provided for that product.
  • Each time you use a Brand you must include a statement in the vicinity that your use of that Brand is by our permission.
  • If you wish to use a Brand to advertise a Koozie Group product, you must use the full product name as used by us for that product.
  • You must never publish or transmit any Images in connection with offensive, unlawful, inflammatory, pornographic, insulting or profane material or in a manner that reflects poorly on the product, the Brand, or Koozie Group.
  • You must not use the Images made available to you to link to any of our websites.
  • We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions of these Brand Guidelines and to revoke your permission to use their Images at any time.
  • These Brand Guidelines do not authorize your use of any Koozie Group patents or other intellectual property

Basic Brand and Image Guidelines General Overview

  1. Use of Koozie Group trademarks in print:
    1. Only use trademarks in a product name in the same way that Koozie Group uses it on its website, or in its catalogs. 
    2. Trademarks should be denoted with the following techniques: 
      1. All Caps: O2COOL bottles
      2. Initial Caps: Atchison bags
      3. Quotation Marks: "Kapston" bags
      4. Underline: JAFFA awards
      5. Distinctive Lettering: Triumph calendars
      6. Boldface Type: Esteem pen
    3. Use the ® symbol in connection with marks that have been registered in the USPTO.  For example:  Kapston®, Atchison®, britepix®
    4. Use the TM symbol in connection with marks that Koozie Group claim as a trademark but does not have a registration.  For example:  Sticky Note™
    5. A trademark should always be followed by the generic name of the product.  For example: Kapston® Bags
    6. A trademark should be used as an adjective and not as a noun or a verb.  Never refer to the product as a "Sticky Note" or as "Sticky Notes"; refer to them as Sticky Note™ products.
  2. Use of Calendar Images:
    1. Use only low resolution images of calendar photos and art.
    2. Replace all calendar images in January of each year with the new Images made available by us.
    3. Use the required copyright notices on all advertising using Images as directed by Koozie Group.
  3. Use of KOOZIE® trademarks and logos:  Please see specific KOOZIE® Brand Guidelines.
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