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From its humble beginnings almost 40 years ago as an insulated beverage holder product to a modern line of sports and outdoor products, the Koozie® brand has grown to include everything that you need to enjoy the great outdoors, from a full assortment of insulated food and beverage performance products, to camping gear and seating to enhance your outdoor comfort. The Koozie® brand symbolizes products to help keep the fun going longer. 

Only licensed distributors (and other approved licensees) (“Licensees”) may use the Koozie® brand name, and all Licensees must follow these Brand Guidelines in using the Koozie® brand name and logos to help us maintain the integrity of the Koozie® brand.   

Basic Brand Guidelines – Use of Koozie® Trademark and Logos:

  • Do not use the word “Koozie” as a noun or in the plural form. For example, do not refer to drink coolers as “Koozies”.  Instead, please refer to them as “Koozie® can koolers”.
  • Always use “Koozie” as an adjective.  When using “Koozie” to refer to products, all Koozie® branded products should include the product name and trademark registration symbol after the Koozie trademark, such as “Koozie® bottle koolers”, “Koozie® camp chairs”, or “Koozie® tents”. 
  • When shown as a typed word in product descriptions or in advertising copy, use either all capital letters or all lower-case letters, and the trademark registration symbol as follows:  “KOOZIE®” or “koozie®” or “koozie®”.  When using all lower-case letters, use italic or bold type to help identify the word as a trademark.
  • When using the Koozie logo, only use the artwork you are given. If you are unable to use artwork in color, please use the artwork in white. Examples of the artwork in color and in white block text with the splash design are shown below.
  • Do not use previous versions of the logo. 
  • Do not alter, stretch, condense, stylize, overlay, or otherwise modify the Koozie logo in any way. Make sure to leave a reasonable amount of clear space around the Koozie logo.
  • Only genuine Koozie Group products may be branded as Koozie® products, and such products must be branded with the full product name as used by Koozie Group for that product. 
  • Koozie Group reserves the right to approve any use of the Koozie® trademark and the Koozie logos, and to require any modifications based on improper use by Licensees. Koozie Group may revoke permission to use the Koozie® trademarks at any time.

Other Important Marketing Guidelines

  • Do not use the Koozie® trademark or Koozie logos in any way that would confuse customers and make them think that your website or company is run by Koozie Group or that your products are sold by Koozie Group.  Do not use the Koozie® trademarks or Koozie logos to link to the Koozie Group website.
  • All Licensee websites must include the following statement on any pages displaying any of the Koozie® trademarks:  “Koozie® and the Koozie logos are trademarks owned by Scribe OpCo, Inc. dba Koozie Group and are used with permission under license.” 
  • Licensees may not register or otherwise claim rights in any of Koozie® trademarks or logos, including the use of “Koozie” as part of any trademark registration, trade name, or company name.  By using the Koozie® trademarks or Koozie logos, you acknowledge that Koozie Group is the owner of the Koozie® trademarks and logos, and you agree that you will not challenge Koozie Group’s use or registration of the Koozie® trademarks or logos. Any goodwill from your use of the Koozie® trademarks or logos belongs to Koozie Group.
  • Never use any of the Koozie® trademarks or Koozie logos in any manner that is offensive, unlawful, inflammatory, pornographic, insulting or profane, or in a manner that reflects poorly on the Koozie® brand. 
  • Licensees are only authorized to use the trademarks, logos, designs, product names, and product images provided to them through their authorized representative, and must include applicable copyright notices on images where indicated.
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