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We are a People First culture, knowing no matter what product or service we offer, our People are the engine making it all happen. We flourish in our open culture and we proudly bring together people with diverse perspectives, backgrounds and experiences where we are challenged to Raise the Bar, not settle for less than the best and consistently find ways to improve and innovate. We are collaborative, transparent and committed to our People and their work experience, growth and professional development.

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Our People Powers

People First

We are empowered to innovate, inspire and to deliver amazing customer experiences. All we do is grounded in our People Powers, which help guide how we solve problems, lead, interact with each other and our customers. We are committed to our People Powers that we ensure every new employee is introduced to them during Day 1, our leadership development programs reinforce them and we proudly have them displayed all over the organization. They are more than just words on a wall, they truly are the foundation of how we work.

Koozie Group Power Know Your Business and Deliver

Know Your Business & Deliver

Know products, roles, service, and industry to know hot to make the biggest impact and measure it.

Be strategic, make a plan then execute on it.

Koozie Group Power Customer Obssessed

Be Customer Obsessed

Start with the customer experience and work backwards, earn customers’ trust, advocate for customer.

Recognize both internal and external customers and treat them all with respect.

Koozie Group Power Raise The Bar

Raise the Bar

Look for opportunities to make the best even better in every moment.

Be the champion of an idea, innovate, and give it your all.

Koozie Group Power One Team

One Team

Listen more, talk less, serve others, make personal connections with others, value everyone.

Understand how your actions impact business and team goals.

Koozie Group Power Speak The Truth

Speak with Truth & Kindness

Be open, positive and clear. Earn trust by consistently communicating performance feedback, expectations, plans and business strategy and the “why” behind them.

Apologize when necessary and forgive even when not asked. Do what is right when no one is looking.

Koozie Group Power Ask Seek Go Deep

Ask, Seek, Go Deep & Learn

Seek to understand, become informed, ask questions.

Know your development areas and push yourself to learn and grow.



Koozie Group Power Own It

Own It

Keep your word and do what you say you will do. Be honest about what you don’t know. Lead by example.

Take responsibility for mistakes, your team’s mistakes and results. Be responsible with sensitive and confidential information.



The Koozie Group Mission
The Koozie Group Mission

Our Benefits

Total Rewards

We understand employers can play a large role in many aspects of an employee’s life and we are committed to bringing forward as many perks and benefits as possible. Some benefits of working with us are:

Core Benefits

Full Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits for all employees and their dependent.

Other Benefits

Generous parental leave policies, retirement savings plans, death benefits, tuition reimbursement and more.

On-Site Services

We strive to bring on-site services to our employees, like car detailing, fresh flower services, food trucks and other services available in our different geographical locations (services may vary by location).

Paid Time Off

Generous Paid Time Off, including 8 annually recognized paid holidays, 40 hours of floating holiday time, and 120 hours of PTO, which increases over time, based on tenure.


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