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Since the very first Titleist® golf ball was made in 1935, each one has been x-rayed to ensure the highest quality. For the past thirty years, the majority of golf professionals on the PGA TOUR use Titleist® golf balls. They are preferred more than all other brands combined.

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80066 box image

Titleist® Velocity Golf Ball Std Serv

Item# 80066
As low as $41.448
80001 white box

Titleist® Pro V1x™ Golf Ball Std Serv

Item# 80001
As low as $67.962
80171 box image

Titleist® AVX® Yellow Std Serv

Item# 80171
As low as $64.296
80167 box image

Titleist® Tour Soft Std Serv

Item# 80167
As low as $47.832
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80184 box

Titleist® Tour Speed Std Serv

Item# 80184
As low as $56.448
80170 box image

80170 Titleist® AVX® Std Serv

Item# 80170
As low as $64.296
80168 box

Titleist® Tour Soft Yellow Std Serv

Item# 80168
As low as $0.000
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