About the Brand

Silipint’s mission is to live out loud, inspiring simplicity, creativity, proficiency and fun with every relationship. Silipint® products are an environmentally conscious drinkware option because of the abundant, non-petroleum based materials that Silipints are made from. They are also reusable and reduce waste.

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46238 arctic image

Silipint™ Straight Up Pint Glass - 16 oz.

Item# 46238
As low as $9.055

46337 aplenglow image

Silipint™ Silishot - 1.5 oz.

Item# 46337
As low as $3.714

46287 frost product image

Silipint™ Straw

Item# 46287
As low as $1.608

No Longer Available
46288 group image

Silipint™ Travel Lid

Item# 46288
As low as $2.940

46382 group image

Silipint™ XL Travel Lid

Item# 46382
As low as $5.400

46336C arctic image

Silipint™ Redesigned Wine Glass - 12 oz.

Item# 46336C
As low as $7.655

46417 Cloud image

Silipint™ Silicone Straw Tumbler 16oz

Item# 46417
As low as $14.652

46418 Cloud image

Silipint™ Silicone Straw Tumbler 22oz

Item# 46418
As low as $17.922

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