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JAFFA® Less Than Minimum Policy

Less than minimums are available on many JAFFA® products with a Less Than Minimum Charge. Small quantity and single-unit pricing is available; please contact your distributor for a quote.

  • Less than minimums are not available for all JAFFA® products.
  • Less than minimum quantities are not eligible for Combined Pricing.

Product Color Variance

Hand-blown art glass, lead crystal or machine-made glass will have small variations inherent in the nature of the glass. Shear marks, flow lines, small bubbles, cooling marks and seams are unavoidable, particularly when the piece is handcrafted. These minor variations, along with possible slight differences in size due to hand finishing and polishing, are not considered defects. The marble bases (primarily found on Trophy Cups) will not be marbled uniformly. However, all will be predominately black.

Combined Pricing

Orders with multiple items are eligible for combination pricing, up to a maximum of end quantity pricing. Each product must meet minimum catalog quantity to be eligible. Less than minimum quantities do not apply.

Base Gluing

Many products are shipped unattached from their bases. We strongly recommend the products ship as designed, since the packaging was developed to protect the products as two separate pieces. Although not recommended, we will glue pieces, if required, at a cost of $5.50(g) per item. Please note that the packaging will vary from what is stated in the catalog. This service is not available for products on wood and select glass bases.

britePix® Awards

Imprint areas indicated as “Product Size” can vary by product. Certain award shapes and crystal cuts can cause actual imprint areas to be smaller/larger than the actual product size. In general, the imprint area will be the flattest part of the entire product. A full bleed imprint is not available with britePix®, see for exact product imprint dimensions or contact your distributor.

britePix® Crystal, Glass and Acrylic Awards can be created with either an Opaque or Translucent technique.

  • The Opaque technique prints a white underlay behind your image or text on the back of the award. This underlay does not allow light to pass through the award and is ideal for photographs of faces.
  • The Translucent technique prints your image and text without a white underlay. This creates brilliant color reflections through the different facets and bevels, and allows light to pass through the award.

Please specify Opaque or Translucent on your purchase order.

Additional Location

Deep Etch

  • Additional Location: $8(g) per piece when a second area or base requires deep etch

Laser Etch

  • Additional Location: $3(g) per line, per piece when a second area, base or plate requires laser etch

Screen Print

  • Additional Location: $1.50(g) per color, per piece when a second area or plate requires screen print


  • Additional Charge: $7(g) per location, per piece


  • No charge: included in the product price for deep etch, laser etch, laser engrave or screen print personalization

britePix® Personalization

Personalization is included with the britePix® run charge listed on the individual product pages. There is no limit to the number of personalization lines that can be done. Customer assumes responsibility for accuracy of submitted personalization information. Koozie Group is not liable for any inaccurate information.

Custom-cut plates are available in black, brass, silver and copper finishes; please specify.

Custom-Cut Plate Charges:

Plates up to 7 sq. inches: $9(g) each
Plates 7–12 sq. inches: $12(g) each
Laser Engrave Run Charge: $3(g) per line, per piece
Screen Print Run Charge: $1.50(g) per color, per piece
britePix Run Charge: $1.50(g) per piece

Stock Plate Charges:

Laser Engrave or Screen Print: BPL, BPLZ: 3-1/4"w x 1"h; BPS, BPSZ: 3"w x 7/16"h
Plate Charge: $4(g) each 
Laser Engrave Run Charge: $3(g) per line, per piece
Screen Print Run Charge: $1.50(g) per color, per piece
Run Charge: $1.50(g) per piece

We have selected elegant, protective packaging methods for our products. The method we’ve determined to be the most complementary and appropriate for each product is listed with the product information and is included at no extra charge. Please note that some of our products are packaged in our vendor packaging when we deem it appropriate.

Trophy Cups

Bulk packaged: Trophy cups are packaged to protect the handles during shipping. The trophy will not always be aligned perfectly with the based and may arrive at a slight angle. This is for shipping safety. A simple twist of the trophy will re-align it with the base.


Custom-Crafted, Screen-Printed and Laser-Engraved Medallions

    • When medallions are optional, refer to the grid below for medallion pricing
    • Minimum quantity of 15 medallions required
    • Less than minimum not available for products with medallions
    • Items containing Custom-Crafted Medallions are not eligible for combined pricing
    • Available in brass or zinc. Medallion color will match coaster trim unless otherwise specified
    • QC Medallion shape will be sent unless otherwise specified
    • Custom-Crafted Medallion die will be kept for 24 months 

Medallion Pricing

Custom-Crafted Medallion Die Charge (waived at 2nd column): $75(g)

Run Charge: $5(g) per area, per piece

15-49 50–149 150+
$7.00(g) per medallion $6.50(g) per medallion $5.50(g) per medallion



Leather Deboss and Foil Stamp Imprint on Coasters

Imprint Area: Round Coasters 3" dia., 
Square Coasters 3-1/8"w x 3-1/8"h
Run Charge: $1.50(g) per piece when required as a second imprint

Trophy Cups

How Trophy Cups are Measured:

W x H x Diameter

For a given item, various item colors may be ordered and detailed on PO, at least half of the MOQ per color is required. Total order must be for at least catalog minimum order quantity, artwork and imprint color must remain the same for entire order. Not available on in-house manufactured writing instruments, BIC Select™ Writing Instruments, and items with digital 4-color process as the decoration method. Please contact your sales representative or customer service if you have a question.

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